Specialist Dyslexia Support

Discovering your child is dyslexic can be a difficult time for your family and knowing how to provide the support they need, can be frustrating. It is important to remember that having dyslexia does not mean that your child's ability to learn and develop is below average. Many people with dyslexia are highly intelligent, for example, did you know that Albert Einstein was dyslexic? His teachers reported that he was mentally slow, unsociable and a dreamer!

Dyslexia is a learning difficulty which cannot be cured, but children can learn strategies to overcome their difficulties. This is where we can help. Skills School has experienced dyslexia support teachers who can work with your child to develop strategies and techniques to overcome their difficulties. These difficulties may typically include reading, spelling, comprehension, handwriting, organisational skills and phonological awareness. Our tutors use a multisensory approach, utilising a range of resources and providing visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning opportunities to help each child find the strategies that work for them.

We can provide support for primary school children in the form of early intervention, but can also offer study skills sessions to support teenagers.

Upon enrolling we will carry out an initial basic screening test. This test will last no more than an hour and will usually involve reading, spelling, writing and drawing tasks. This will provide us with an indication of the support which may be beneficial to your child. It is important to note that this screening test cannot be seen as a valid test for dyslexia and we would always encourage you to meet with your family GP to ask for a comprehensive dyslexia test to be carried out by a qualified psychologist.

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