6-18 Tuition

Tuition at Skills School is provided for students from 6-18 years old in the subject areas of English, Maths and Science. Our tutors are fully qualified, experienced teachers with a real passion for teaching and learning. We are fully committed to improving your child's confidence, knowledge and understanding in whatever subject they choose to study with us. Whether your child requires additional support to reach age related targets or they need opportunities to further extend their skills, we will develop an individual experience to guide them to their goal.

At Skills School we utilise National Curriculum objectives in planning, target setting and assessment. This ensures that we are working towards the same objectives your child is targeting at school, thus providing the extra support they may need to achieve and creating consistency for you and your child. Where requested, we are happy to collaborate with your child's school to help provide even more support and consistency. Key Stage 3, GCSE and A-level students may even wish to work on specific coursework they are finding challenging at school and this is something we are more than happy to help with. We can also provide support in preparing for mock exams and end of year exams.

Skills School's tuition sessions are provided in small groups of between two and four students, giving each student the opportunity to receive a greater amount of one-to-one contact than they will receive at school, but also providing the opportunity to support and teach each other, directly improving confidence and social interaction skills.

Tuition sessions are available for 60 or 80 minutes in length and run at the following times:

Monday - Friday: 15:30 - 17:20 & 17:40 - 19:00
Saturday: 09:00 - 10:20 & 10:40 - 12:00

Please contact us for specific subject times and availability.

We are happy to carry out an initial assessment free of charge and positively encourage this, particularly for primary school children who haven't attended the centre before. The initial assessment is a non-threatening discussion and written test linked to National Curriculum objectives for your child's age. The assessment will take no more than one hour and you will be provided with written feedback outlining the teacher's findings and suggested next steps. This is a great opportunity to have a free look at the kind of work we do and the type of support we can provide, better still there's no obligation to enrol after the initial assessment!

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