Primary English Tuition

Skills School has a range of Key Stage 1 and 2 teachers specialising in English who can provide the extra support or extension activities your child may need to progress. After carrying out an initial assessment we will create an individual plan to support and stretch your child in the specific areas they need to work on. We will use a range of methods to support their learning, including traditional classroom techniques, ICT, interactive games, competitions and, of course, regular homework.

Our Primary English Tuition is linked to National Curriculum objectives and uses Assessing Pupils' Progress Assessment Focuses to continually assess learning and plan the best 'next steps' for each student. This ensures that we support what is going on in your child's school and provides stability and consistency in their learning as well as in reporting progress to parents.

Dependant on their individual needs, our students will work on a range of literacy skills including reading; spelling and word recognition; text structure and organisation; sentence structure and punctuation; presentation; reading; speaking and listening and responding.

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